Viewing the Check-In Summary Report

If your facility uses the Check-In Queue for managing your patient check-in process, you also have the ability to monitor the real-time status of that process on the Check-In Summary Report page. The information shown on the page is by facility. In addition to your current facility (selected by default), you can also enter one or more additional facilities to view their check-in statistics.

The statistics shown on the Check-In Summary Report page include the following:

Region. The Quest Diagnostics region with which a facility is associated.

Facility. The Quest Diagnostics facility name.

# Servers. The number of PSC users currently logged in and serving patients for the facility.

# Served. The total number of patients served for the facility.

# Waiting. The number of patients currently waiting (in the queue) for the facility.

Curr Wait. The total amount of time (in minutes) to serve all patients.

Avg Wait. The average wait time (in minutes) to serve a patient.

Max Wait. The maximum wait time(in minutes) to serve a patient.